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Gordon Deeg has finished the Companion Display.

On Saturday, February 18, from 11:00 to 12:00, just prior to the Mammoth Auction, the Bonsai Garden will unveil our new Companion Plant display, our second bonsai from the 1915 Pan Pacific Exposition, and the first of our new display benches. The new Companion Plant display is dedicated to Chizuko “Mary” Sakaishi and funded by her family who will attend the ceremony. Gordon Deeg and his sidekick, Fabian, have completed the display made of cultured stone and copper.

George Haas and Grant Foerster picked up the Atlas Cedar from its home in San Francisco and transported it to the Garden where they worked with Bob Gould to repot it.

George Haas brought this historic bonsai to the Garden and repotted it.

Jay van Arsdale, local master joinery carpenter, has delivered the first of the bonsai display benches he is creating in the style of our entry gate. He is using vertical grain red cedar to create works of woodworking art that will last years and complement the bonsai resting on them.

Bonsai Garden Curator, Kathy Shaner, and GSBF president, Scott Chadd, will be on hand to add there wit and wisdom to the proceedings. Refreshments will be served during the Mammoth Auction to follow immediately after the dedications.

Bob Gould, with the help of a number of local bonsai clubs, has prepared the auction and sale trees for their new owners. Gordon Deeg, is gargling with Scotch daily to prepare his voice for, what will surely be, a very active few hours of bidding of Saturday afternoon, February 18, from 1:00-3:00.

Jay van Arsdale has delivered the first of the new display benches.

Mike Mello is preparing the sales area that will be open from 10:00-4:00. John Nackley and Carolyn Davis are gathering food for lunch on Sunday, February 19. Jan Smith and her cashiers are preparing computer systems to handle sales transactions quickly and efficiently. Bob Shimon is organizing the largest pool of vendors we have had in years to sell their bonsai, tools, pots and everything bonsai from 9:00-4:00. All of this is carried out under the watchful eyes of George Haas who is Mammoth Master for 2017.

If you wish to contribute to our YouCaring crowd funding campaign to support our GRO project, please visit HERE.

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