• Ryan Neil will bring a ray of sunshine to our wet winter

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Thanks to all of you who supported the BGLM during our Mammoth Auction & Sale this past weekend. I think all who attended will agree it was a superb event and everyone seemed to have a great time. With our biggest fundraiser of the year behind us, its time to focus on our next fundraising event, Ryan Neil’s demo. If you have ever seen Ryan in person, you will surly agree that he is certainly the ray of sunshine we need to help us make it through this rainy winter.

Ryan will conduct a re-styling of the BGLM’s Rocky Mountain Juniper t at the Lake Merritt Sailboat Boathouse from 1:00 to 4:00 PM on Saturday, March 4, 2017. Ryan’s demonstration will be a fund-raising event in support of the Bonsai Garden Revitalization Opportunity (GRO) project. BGLM is raising $100,000 to replace worn out display and seating benches, upgrade water systems and install new pathways and windows. Your participation will help fund GRO.

Tickets are $35 each (tax deductible) and will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Tickets may be reserved by emailing [email protected] with the name of purchaser, number of tickets requested, phone number, mailing address, and email address. Once you are confirmed that there is space for you, you will be asked to mail a check or credit card number, expiration date and Zip code to GSBF BGLM, PO Box 16176, Oakland, CA 94610. Once purchased, the tickets are non-refundable.

Ryan’s first appearance as a headliner was at the 2010 GSBF Convention in Santa Clara. The tree he styled was the Rocky Mountain Juniper, which was placed in the auction and purchased by BGLM board member, Andrea Burhoe. Subsequently, Andrea donated the bonsai to the BGLM. Ryan cared for the bonsai at his studio in Oregon from 2010 to 2015, when it was moved to the Garden and placed on permanent display.

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