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by Sally Writes

There are so many different types of gardens in the world that just about anyone can find the one that is the perfect match for them. When you have weather like we do in the West Coast, creating and maintaining a flourishing garden becomes all the more achievable.

One type of garden that is gaining in popularity recently, is a Zen garden. You can chalk

it up to people leading busier lives, dealing with increased stress, being surrounded by too much technology, or just not having enough alone time, but the fact still remains: people are looking for more ways to conveniently contemplate, reflect and meditate. That’s where a Zen garden comes in. Consider it a way to create your own personal utopia that you have constant access to. While the beauty of any type of garden is that you can personalize it to your own liking, here are three standard features to consider including in your own Zen garden, for optimal results:


Use nature itself to decorate your beautiful and relaxing Zen garden and soon enough achieving inner peace will come naturally and effortlessly. You can use plants native to California for a local touch, or expand and incorporate multiple different varieties. You can use plants as a utilitarian way of creating a border or fence for your Zen garden, or simply to keep the area inside green and full of life. Whatever options you choose, just make sure to include some luscious plants.


A source of life, so it should have a spot in your Zen garden, right? Not only does water symbolize life, purity, resilience and even love, the actual sound of it is calming, relaxing, and absolutely vital for some outdoor meditation practice. Choose a beautiful fountain in the size that best makes sense and make it the focal point of your garden. Soon, peaceful thoughts will begin to flow effortlessly.


Many Zen gardens feature multiple statues, and you can opt for as many or as few as you like. If certain animals, people, or images hold a special meaning for you, incorporate their statues throughout your garden for some extra inspiration. You can even opt for a 2-in-1 idea and choose a water fountain that doubles as a statue, meaning you get the relaxing and calming effect of flowing water, coupled with inspiring imagery.

So, while no two people are identical, neither are gardens. That is the beauty of it. Personalize your own Zen garden to make it a place of fulfilment, contemplation, meditation, and peace. You’ll never want to leave!

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