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Always fun to spend a day working in the garden and meeting people from all over the world. They come to see our collection with awe.

Fall 2019: Hornbeam

Fall 2019: Maple grove getting watered before the hot day

Fall 2019: Number 1 bonsai. Redwood is always a stately giant.

Fall 2019: Ginkgo is starting to show color

Fall 2019: Morning light

Fall 2019: Entrance California Juniper greets everyone and they always ask how it can be alive.

Fall 2019: Morning color

Fall 2019: Our entrance bids you welcome. We are dressing up for Fall Lights Festival.

Fall 2019: We put this stately old cork oak out on display Nov 5.

Fall 2019: One of many fruit removed from the Myrtle Orange this weekend. Keeping the tree healthy by limiting the number of maturing fruit.

Fall 2019: Grape begins to show some Fall color.

Fall 2019: Cork Oak

Fall 2019: The row of Giants!

Fall 2019: This view is hard to finds. You must go low to see it but is a favorite of ours.

Fall 2019: Watering. Folks always ask about our watering system.

Fall 2019: This juniper is getting a flash bath.

Fall 2019: Morning light changes everything.

Fall 2019: Monterrey Cypress is being restyled. Look for many changes coming soon.

Fall 2019: Fall morning light.

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