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mammoth-vendors-01-02-17We are pleased to announce that the 2017 Mammoth will have 30% more vendors than we had last year. This means more opportunity for you to purchase a greater variety those bonsai, tools and supplies that you need. The list includes most of your old favorites and a few new ones who have never participated previously at the Mammoth. Vendors will be open for business on Sunday, February 19, 2017, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. There will also be food for sale so you don’t have to leave for breakfast or lunch. Enjoy the best product selection in Northern California.

Vendor List

  1. Art of theDaiza, Jerry Braswell
  2. Back to the Roots Bonsai, Ryan Nichols
  3. Bonsai Fusion, Kanehiro Hamajime
  4. Bonsai Tonight, Jonas Dupuich
  5. Bonsai Travel, Kora Dalager
  6. Bulls Eye Bonsai, Donald Hoisington
  7. Carman’s Nursery, Nancy Schramm
  8. Deadwood Bonsai, Ned Lycett
  9. Deer Meadow Bonsai, Jim Gremel
  10. Designs by Glaister, David Glaister
  11. Designs by North, Stephanie North
  12. Enchanted Forest, David Chimpky
  13. GSBF Bonsai at Lake Merritt Museum
  14. Japanese Sumi-e, Ami Wada
  15. JT Bonsai, John Thompson
  16. Ki-No-Toshi Bonsai, Garrett Ryan
  17. Legacy Oaks, Barry Altshule
  18. Lone Pine Gardens, Steve Price
  19. Lotus Bonsai Nursery & Gardens, Bolet Salvador and Scott Chadd
  20. Mendocino Coast Bonsai, Zack and Bob Shimon
  21. Muranaka Bonsai, George Muranaka
  22. Pet Plants, Don Hilbert
  23. Round Valley Nursery, Ed and Linda Clark
  24. Seiji Shiba
  25. Shohin Bonsai Guy, David Gocinski
  26. Soh-Ju-En Satsuki Bonsai, Darren and Laura Wong
  27. The Urban Farmer Store, Annex, Richmond, CA

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