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From late December to Spring there will be a great deal of action in the workshop. Many of our trees need to be re-potted and moved to display. Many of the blooming trees have already been completed and moved to the display area. Many other trees are undergoing their maintenance and will be out for the public to see soon. Thanks to our curator, Kathy Shaner, and her army of local club member volunteers this work gets done every year. Stop in and see the work done and get a view of those ume and quince which are the earliest bloomers in the Garden.

Port Orford Juniper after re-potting and thinning.

A new Ginkgo is added to the collection from a recent gift.

Black Pine re-potted into a deeper pot to encourage new root development.

Hinoki Juniper getting read for a new pot. This is on display now.

We are crazy about our shadows. Be sure to check out the blooms on the Chinese Quince.

This great Hornbeam was just re-potted and will be on display this spring.

Our White Pine gets a new pot to improve health.

A new Elm was recently gifted to the collection and re-potted for display. This tree has a great trunk and fine branches. We are eager to see it develop.


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