Mammoth Fundraiser

February 16-17, 2019

The Annual Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt Mammoth Auction & Sale will be held on Saturday, February 16 and Sunday, 17, 2018 at the Lakeside Garden Center in Oakland, CA.  This is an official appeal for materials for the Auction of quality bonsai on Saturday and the Sale of bonsai and pre-and-developing bonsai on Sunday.  Items may be donated or submitted on consignment.

Bonsai for the Auction will need to be submitted by December 30, 2018. Material for the Sunday Sale will be accepted at the Garden Center on Saturday, February 16th, 9am – 4pm and Sunday, February 17th, between 8am – 9am. Any bonsai material, pots, etc. will be accepted as sale material.  Consignment items for the Saturday Auction will have a 30% charge and for the Sunday Sale will have a 25% charge.  Again, full donations are appreciated and tax-deductible. Contact Mike Mello, 510-886-1568 or Dennis Hawkins, 510-657-8229 for more sale information. If you wish to place a reserve price on your item in the Auction, you will be charged a fee of 10% of that reserve if the item does not sell. This fee goes to help defray the cost of the auction.


Participation in the auction will require that upon arrival on Saturday, you REGISTER AND PURCHASE a catalog for $5 which includes a Bidder’s Card that you will need to make bids and record your purchases. The $5 covers the cost of printing and certifies everyone who is bidding. The catalog illustrates all of the items that will be auctioned, including a description of the physical characteristics of all material shown.

A successful bidder will receive an auction item number sticker on his/her Bidder’s Card by an auction official for each item purchased.  Each bidder is encouraged to record on their Bidder’s Card the purchase amount and item number.

Each item on the display tables has its own Auction Item Card displayed. The Auction Item Card will have the catalog number of the item, description, and indicate whether or not it has a reserve price (the reserve price amount will not be shown).

The auctioneer will determine the opening bid. Raises above the opening bid will be in approximately 10% increments. For instance, an item with a minimum bid of $250 will be raised in increments of $25.  If the reserve price for the item is not reached the item will be removed from the auction.

An auction official will record the Bidder number and purchase price on the Auction Item Card and will be brought by an auction official directly to the cashier.  After check out and payment the Auction Item Card(s) will be retained for GSBF Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt records.

A Bidder may exit the auction at any time when his/her bidding is complete.  Bring your Bidder’s Card to the cashier handling your Bidder number.  You may pay by credit card, check or cash. The cashier will have the Auction Item Card(s) for each item you have purchased.  This can be cross-checked with your record of purchased items on your Bidder’s Card. If any dispute arises during the auction, it shall be reviewed by the auction chairs and their resolution will be final.

Item(s) may be removed from the display tables when the purchaser is ready to leave the auction room and has his/her Bidder’s Card marked PAID with an official cashier’s signature.  For purposes of security, this signed Bidder’s Card will be checked at the exit door.


Contact the Bonsai Garden at if you wish to offer an item for Auction. You are encouraged to submit your bonsai for consideration to be included in the Mammoth Auction as soon as possible. The initial deadline is December 30, 2017. Items will be considered on a first-come-first-considered basis. You don’t want to be left out of the biggest and best annual bonsai auction in California.

  1. Please deliver all materials for the Auction before the end of December 2017 to the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt.  This will allow photography of item and printing of the Auction Catalog.  In addition, your item will be published and advertised on-line for potential bidders to view. Any item received after this date will be accepted, but may not receive the advertisement in the catalog and on the internet.

For additional information to arrange time for delivery of your material to the Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt or if you will need assistance to pick-up or assistance with transport, contact Bob Gould: Phone:  925-935-1914 or E-mail

Due to limited volunteer time, PLEASE GROOM YOUR BONSAI AS YOU WOULD FOR A SHOW.

  1. COMPLETE the AUCTION SELLER FORM and submit it with your auction items.
    An Auction Seller Form can be obtained by:

Following this link: Auction Auction or Consignment Form. Copy the form, complete it in advance of bringing the item to Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt.

Sending a request: via e-mail to

Picking up the Auction Donation or Consignment Form at the Bonsai Garden.

  1. For each item on the auction form, COMPLETE the DESCRIPTION, RESERVE PRICE (if applicable) and CHECK either the 100% DONATION column or the 30% DONATION column.  Each item will be given an ID number upon receipt of the material. This form will serve as the record of your submissions, final sales amount. PLEASE PROVIDE A SELF-ADDRESSED and STAMPED ENVELOPE WITH THIS FORM.  A copy of the final sales will be furnished upon request.  Your check received will be your receipt.


1. Delivery of items, completing the Sale Donation or Consignment Form and tagging of consignment or donation material is: Saturday, February 17, 2018, between 9 am and 4 pm. and Sunday, February 18, 2018, between 8 to 9 am. Mammoth Fundraiser Ad 2018

2. Please bring material through the rear entrance gate of the Japanese Garden of the Lakeside Garden Center Building. The Chair reserves the right to reject any item that may be infested or not healthy. Please bring items on Saturday rather than Sunday. Arrivals later than 9 am on Sunday will be rejected or subject to delays in registration because there may not be personnel available to assist with registration.

3. Fill out a Sale Donation or Consignment Form and bring it to the sale. We will give you tags to put on your sale items when you deliver them. You are responsible for pricing your items. Please set prices only in dollar amounts (no cents). You may change prices during the sale but remember to update your change in price on the back of this sheet. Please complete the registration form and tagging at this time. Use a ballpoint pen.

4. Anyone wishing to pre-register bonsai material earlier than Saturday will need to make arrangements as to storage ability by contacting Chairpersons: Mike Mello 510-886-1568 or Dennis Hawkins

5. If consigning your item(s), 25% is the required donation to GSBF Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt. However, your donation of the entire amount of the sale would be greatly appreciated and your registration will be your record for tax purposes. Your form will be updated at the end of the day to show your total sales, net proceeds and donation amount.

6. Provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope to the Treasurer. Checks will be mailed as soon as possible after the sale.

7. If you have unsold items, you may wish to donate them to the Bonsai Garden. If you don’t wish to donate them, they must be removed by 4 pm, Sunday. Material that is not picked up by 4 pm will be considered a donation.

Following this link: Sale Donation or Consignment Form. Copy the form, complete it in advance of bringing the item.

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