Through the Kindness of our Friends

by Joe Byrd, Chairman
Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt

Visitors often ask how we succeed as an all-volunteer non-profit museum. My answer is “through the kindness of our friends.” Let me give you three examples out of the many that support us on an annual basis – one from an individual, one from a single club, and another from an event put on by four clubs to support the Garden.

Don White, a long-time member of the Watsonville Club seen here in the back row wearing a hat, recently contacted me to say he needed to sell some of his prize bonsai as he can no longer care for Don Whitethem. Many of the senior members of the bonsai community face a similar situation, but few have Don’s foresight. He asked for our help to sell some of his collection at our Mammoth Auction & Sale on February 27 & 28, 2016. We picked up over 60 bonsai from Don’s home in Watsonville and will have them available as part of California’s biggest Auction & Sale at the Lake Merritt Garden Center. This event, thanks to the support of folks like Don, is our biggest annual fundraising event that helps provide the money we need to keep the Garden open and thriving throughout the year. For more information on the Mammoth Auction & Sale visit us at Continue reading