GRO Our Bonsai Garden Museum

We have made a number of small but significant improvements to the Bonsai Garden in the past few years including the following:
  1. added name tags to all of the displays to enhance the visitor experience,
  2. installed shade cloths to protect the bonsai from the sun,
  3. established a Bonsai School to train our assistant curators and others,
  4. developed a database to track all of the bonsai in the collection and the care we provide them,
  5. joined museum associations to improve our management strategy and procedures,
  6. added a video surveillance system to monitor our visitors,
  7. started a Museum Shop to increase revenue from each visitor,
  8. participated in Autumn Lights Festival to present the Garden in a whole new light,
  9. created a shohin display area, and
  10. coming soon an accent plant display.

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