What’s GROing at the Bonsai Garden?

Irrigation Update

As I mentioned in my previous message, we are in the process of revitalizing the CSpaceLogo1Bonsai Garden. We decided to initially focus on the irrigation system, since that is the most important component of our plan and one area that will produce the most benefit for the bonsai. It will also save at least half of our water usage when it is fully implemented. We have begun the process of reworking the irrigation system by replacing the outdated controller and replacing the overhead sprinklers in the reserve area. This first phase of the project is complete. The dozens of previous overhead sprinklers distributed 25 gallons per hour (GPH) each. The new misters distribute 3 GPH. It’s not that we run them for an hour, but you get the idea that they were wasting a lot of water that flowed down the drain. We will test this new form of water distribution and determine if we can eliminate the surface watering due to the superior saturation of the new misters.

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